Finding Your Next Rental Home

We will be happy to help you in your search!  Please view our listings online to get an idea of what is available, but please keep in mind rentals advertised may no longer be available and we also may have listings that have not yet made our website.  Please call or email us to discuss options and arrange a time to visit some properties, discuss terms and proceed with the application process. 

School District Info:

Amherst has several grade schools, the specific school your child would attend is determined by where you live in town; click here for more info.

Rental Application Process

You’ve identified a house and want to rent it; next you would need to submit the application paperwork and payments as outlined below.

  • As soon as we have your payments and forms, we stop showing the house and put it on hold until we can process your applications and begin checking references and credit.
  • In the event of multiple groups applying for the same property at the same time, we would screen each group fully and then make a decision based on our findings.
  • It is important that you move quickly to better your chances, while we do not set a deadline, the properties remain on the open market until a group submits applications and payments, and then it is no longer available. We have no way of knowing how quickly other groups may do this, so you should make your decision carefully but do not wait any longer once you have decided.

Here are the Application Documents

  • Rental Application: one per applicant (click to open)
  • Dean of Students Check: Students Only, one per applicant, submit with your applications, do NOT bring to DOS office (click to open)
  • Brokerage Agreement: Signed by group representative (click to open)
  • Review of Lease Terms: Property Specific, will be provided in person or by email for the specific property you wish to lease.
  • Payments due at application: You will need to pay our Brokerage Fee for all properties (half the rent amount).  Also, in the case of a non-managed property, you will need to pay a holding deposit equal to one month rent, which will be applied to your first month upon approval.  This will be spelled out on the Review of Lease Terms document for the property.
  • Payment Methods Accepted (Sorry Personal Checks NOT Accepted):
    • Brokerage Fees: Cash, Money Order / Certified Check, Paypal, Major Credit Cards, Website Payments (use button below).  Please refer to our Brokerage Agreement for more information.
    • Rent Deposits (non managed properties only): Cash, Money Order / Certified Check, Website Payments (use button below).  This payment is due within 3 business days of application, and is NOT dependant upon acceptance.  If you are not accepted, this payment will be refunded.  Once your applications are accepted, it is passed along to the property owner and applied to first month rent.

Click to Make Payment

Inform your co-signers (if applicable): We will contacting them to confirm upon application.  Once your application is approved,  they will need to sign an agreement. If you have not already had the discussion, it’s important that they know you are applying for an apartment and they are willing to co-sign for you. Cosigners are required where pre-tax monthly income (collectively for the group) falls short of our minimum requirement of 3x rent amount.

Questions ?: if you have any questions or if certain sections of these forms don't make sense, not to worry! Contact us and we can clarify questions for you.

Take Action!

  • Complete these forms as best you can, prepare your payments and make an appointment with us to apply.
  • You may also scan / email to or fax the forms 413-301-0599 and visit our payment page.

Thanks, we look forward to helping you through the process of securing your next rental home!!

Maintenance Requests

During business hours: M-F 9am-5pm; please call the office at 413-225-1105

Outside of business hours; If the issue can wait until the following business day, please call during business hours. 

If you have a maintenance emergency that MUST be addressed, please call our emergency maintenance line 413-486-0750 and leave your name, address, nature of the issue and a call back number.

Email: for matters that are not urgent, you can also email us with your maintenance request.