Free Rental Leasing Service to ALL Area Landlords

Delivering Screened and Qualified Tenants at No Cost to Landlords and Property Owners

Let us market your property, show to proscpective tenants, and fill your available units for you, the applicants pay our fee.

First Step - Initial Owner Meeting

For local owners, we like to meet with you, often at the property.  This way we can become familiar with your property, gather the information necessary, take quality photos, and discuss how to best show the apartment.  

If you are out of the area, no problem, we can arrange access to the property and discuss details by phone or email.

Marketing and Promotion

We will develop your listing, accurately describing the property and all its features, including quality photos of both interior and exterior.  This listing will be featured on our website, we also syndicate through a full collection of online websites along with Craigslist to market your property.  We have lawn signs available as appropriate.  If you would like, we will also run a news paper ad (at owners expense).

Showing to Prospective Tenants

Our goal is to reduce and even eliminate vacancy and down time for our clients.  Often times we show rental units well before the current tenant is scheduled to move out, in this way you have your new tenant lined up and ready to move in.  We work with property owners and current tenants to schedule showings at the convenience of everyone involved.  When a potential renter wishes to move forward, they fill out our rental forms, and we collect a one month rental deposit as earnest money deposit to hold the unit.

Screening Your New Tenants

We have found that the best way to avoid problems during a tenancy is to eliminate them from the start.  This is why we use credit checks, verification of income and employment, and prior landlord reference checks to select only the most qualified tenants.

Approval and Lease Signing

Once we have screened the tenants, we will present them to the property owner.  Once the applicants are accepted, we turn over the one month rent deposit to the owner, along with all necessary new tenant information.  We can then schedule a meeting to sign the lease and other legally required documents, or we can provide these to the Landlord and you can meet them on your own.  We can use the landlords current lease or provide our own version for your use / adaptation if you prefer..

Property Management
If you are ready to be done with the above process and all of the day to day duties, but do not wish to sell the property, consider our full service, fee based, property management offerings.