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At Valley Property Management our goal is to provide a premium customer experience for the property owners we represent.  We offer a wide collection of services to make your property ownership worry free and as efficient and profitable as possible.  We appreciate that there is no “standard” set of services that would fit all owners, so we develop a property management and maintenance package that suits your needs and best fits your properties and tenants.  Whether it is a single family home, a condominium or a 20 unit apartment building, we will be happy to work with you to ensure success.

Below is a list of services we can offer you, the property owner, to make your investment property both profitable and worry free:

  • Market Analysis - Constant monitoring of the local rental market, setting rental rates that optimize income while avoiding vacancy.

  • Property Leasing - Marketing and showing properties to potential tenants prior to current lease end in order to minimize vacancy and ensure high quality tenants for your property.

  • Tenant Screening - Applicants are subject to employment and income verification, rental history and references, credit checks, and cosigners are required where applicable.  This helps to identify the most qualified applicants for a worry free tenancy.

  • Lease & Documentation Preparation and Signing - Preparing and executing requisite legal documents with approved applicants as required by Federal, State and Local Laws, keeping our property owners in full compliance.

  • Rental Unit Make Ready - Ensuring that any preventative maintenance and repairs are addressed in the unit, along with suggestions to rental property owners for potential improvements which may result in a better quality product, and improved rents and Tenant satisfaction / retention.

  • Tenant Move in Documentation & Repairs - Overseeing all aspects of new Tenant’s move in, proper documentation of existing conditions and any inventory of landlord property, also addressing any maintenance concerns or requests for new Tenants.

  • Operations Management - Arrange for all necessary and desired services such as repairs, maintenance, landscaping, snow removal, bill payment including utilities, taxes, insurance, loan payments, water/sewer bills and more.

  • Financial Accounting and Reports - We use a top rated property management and accounting software to provide you with all the information you or your tax preparer may need.  A multitude of reports are available for a monthly report batch, sent right to your email inbox as PDF attachments.

  • 24 Hr Maintenance - We provide 24 Hr emergency maintenance service to tenants to ensure the comfort of tenants and safety of your building.

  • Collections: We stay on top of rent collection and lease enforcement, ensuring steady cash flow from your properties.

  • Legal Services:   We work with a local and highly experienced Real Estate Attorney to ensure that laws are followed, and legal matters handled in the most effective way possible.  Like a fire extinguisher, we hope to never have to use them, but it’s great to have them on hand.

  • Investment Property Analysis - we want to work with you to build your portfolio,when that happens we BOTH win.  If you are interested in expanding your holdings we will be happy to evaluate any potential deals for you using our market knowledge and experience as well as a proprietary financial model calculating returns over a several year projection period, so as to identify the right investment for your hard earned dollar.

Please contact us today to arrange a free consultation.  413-225-1105